Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas London Style

This is a later entry than I would've liked since the pics I have to show off are from my excursion to London town the weekend before last. The reason for the tardiness was the fact that I took on the role of organising a TV theme tune quiz for a little get together at the local sports club, at which my dad is a member. I hung out at this place semi-regularly as a child and have always attended the quiz nights, with varying degrees of prize winning success...only so much slack the only under 60 person on the team can take up. Anyhoo dad and I spent the best part of last week finding, editing and transferring to CD five rounds of tunes for the quiz and rocked up to the event. Around 30-40 people were there and after a Christmas themed quiz and a round of bingo dad and I put on the first round of the TV tune quiz...In under five minutes the rowdy crowd seemed to be more interested in their own Neanderthal based banter (Think season 4 of Buffy episode Bad Beer) and then the ominously coloured, orange curry which arrived halfway through. At which point we were very rudely shouted upon that the food would go cold if we didn't desist at that exact moment, so we cut our losses and stopped the quiz. To say I was a tad miffed is probably the understatement of the year and after suffering the remainder of the evening we ventured home where I hate to say I had a melancholy moment before bedtime.

But anyway, vile, arrogant, Neanderthals aside. I did have a top weekend in London visiting Ally, off of Uni days and having a bit of a festive explore of the capital. We had a fabulous Christmas dinner and lengthy catching up sessions with fellow Club Mercury Alumni Josh. And found a fantastic German Market/Fair/General Christmassy goodiness in Hyde Park.

Lights in Oxford Street

Decorations at Carnaby Street

Fair in Hyde Park

Places around which I wandered on my London visit

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