Friday, November 27, 2009

Things Which Go Bump in the Night

The unusual mild temperatures for November mixed with the multiple low pressures currently bombarding our shores had a most unwelcoming affect late last night. I'm getting used to the constant rain and gale force gusts, but admittedly jumped out of my gourd a little after midnight when a daylight flash was followed immediately by the loudest boom I have heard in my life. The house shook, neighbourhood dogs started going crazy and every car alarm within a half mile begin to sing out in protest of the unannounced storm. This of course was followed by a deluge of H2O which continued for several minutes and another building rocking flash/boom lightening strike....then as quick as it had come the storm moved off to annoy another county.

I've not heard if there was any damaged caused, but....damn...that lightening was very, very close....even a rabid storm lover like myself was left a little rattled.

Pulled these images from the MET website shortly thereafter...first one showing the rain across the country, may I draw your attention to the South East....

Oooo, what pretty colours I hear you say....of course my house is under that section of white in the centre of the most intense part of the storm

Just as an edit, I've since heard on the local radio that four houses were struck and damaged in last nights storm.

In the below map the areas hit are tagged yellow and my house in green...all are within a mile.

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Firefly mom said...

Wow - that is some weird weather! Pretty pictuers, though :D