Sunday, July 19, 2009

Coming to a Paddock Near You....

Just found these pix while sorting through the holiday snaps...They were actually taken the day before we left at a field down the road, where dad and I found ourselves being attacked by a rabid pack of donkeys from which we were lucky to escape with our lives...quite frankly if dad hadn't selflessly leapt in front of his favourite daughter I may have become just another statistic in the cruel world of donkey related dismemberment......'selflessly leapt' may have involved some shoving on my part....ahem....Exhibit a:

Okay, so there may have been a little exaggeration somewhere in the previous paragraph, the donkeys may have been a little more with the cute and a little less with the psychotic serial killer (though with the way in which they chowed down on the carrots we gave them, if they ever did take up the vocation no-one would ever find the think on)

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Firefly mom said...

*snort* They don't say anything about rabid donkeys in the travel brochures! And we all can't hope to have someone who will sacrifice themself so that we can get away.