Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Today This Blog is Brought to you by the Letter.....

It's safe to assume that the current situation of back muscle hissy and the inability to do much of anything is slowly driving me insane...well, in comparison to the regular insanity of the everyday life of me.....which is a scary thought now isn't it.

I've watched many, many films over the last few days...none of which were really that fantastic, though I did laugh until a little bit of wee came out while listening to the Chipmunks singing in Alivin and the Chipmunks....grown ups making their voices go all squeaky and then singing 50's pop hits is strangely finding my level of amusement. I've also, in the last 2-3 days, watched: How to Lose Friends and Alienate People ("Oi, Orlando, you used to be British"...ah, Simon Pegg, bless), Madagascar 2, Bedtime Stories, Marley and Me (bawled like a baby towards the end and then cringed like a presidential aide of George Dubya when he ad-libbed during a speech at the final coupla scenes...bloody Hollywood), Slumdog Millionaire (well since the whole freakin' world seemed to be harping on about it...quite right they are too)...and finally, in a moment of utter madness (I mentioned the 'slowly driving me insane' thing right?) High School Musical 3 *shudders*.....which is just truly awful....serious bunkum with no redeeming features what-so-ever, there should be some kind of injunction against Disney spewing forth such an irritatingly nauseous group of tweeny Stepford's upon minds, like, barely able to speak in, like, actual sentences.....just....Urgh....come back Annie, all is forgiven.

Having gone through Paracetamol and Ibuprofen gel I've now graduated to Voltarol Diclofenac Potassium...which, truth be told, sounds not unlike something more commonly found in the Star Wars verse, but with a little less Yoda and a little more pamphlet warnings of possible nasty sounding bodily side affects.....good times.


Firefly mom said...

So, I have to ask: If you're fairly immobile, would it be a parent (or two) who is supplying you with said movies? I'm just curious as to who's bright idea it was to rent HSM3. Which leads me to my next question: Had you seen the first 2??

I'm so, so very thankful that the whole HSM craze seemed to bypass my kid completely, but I'll admit to you that I can't completely despise Zac Ephron. He was, after all, the young Simon in Firefly and therefore is unhateable ;)

Here's hoping you have a quick(er) recovery so that you don't lose what's left of your senses.

Emma said...

renting movies?...yeah, let's go with that...and I have seen the other HSM's...mainly because they were about while I was at Uni and they kept coming up in conversation in lectures, I still have no idea why they're so popular and I only watched the last one because I was massively bored....I cen't blame the parentals for the choice...let's call it a moment of madness.....I did have to watch The Goonies afterward as I felt slightly unclean.

I just rewatched all the firefly's and realised it was mini efron playing Simon the younger...bless