Sunday, March 15, 2009


It's a gloriously sunny, almost, spring day outside...lawn mowers are working double time and entire families are out and about using transportation which isn't a car and apparently having oodles of fun. I however am bedridden, albeit a quite comfy and fully gadget equipped bedridden. As of last Thursday I was feeling absolutely fine...I passed the first module of my ECDL course with a respectable 97% and ate a double chocolate muffin in celebration, neither of which struck me down with any kind of affliction. Shortly after dinner I began to feel very oood (blame Doctor Who) indeed...imagine, if you will, being a passenger on a small fishing vessel rolling around a force 8 gale sea during a cream pie eating contest....and you get some indication as to my recent constitution.

Technically it's one of two things Labyrinthitis (which is not an allergic reaction to the sight of David Bowie in Spandex) or Vestibular Neuritis...the symptoms of which are very similar and both to do with the inner ear....if you ask me however it's a severe case of sea sickness...whilst being on dry land. And mine was/is apparently a severe case as for the last 48 hours I haven't been able to even sit up in bed without feeling as if I'd recently returned from a particularly heavy drinking, no driving of heavy machinery for me for a bit...Oh and to make my world equally as enjoyable the I am apparently allergic to the anti-nausea medication the Doctor (no not that one) prescribed so I'm having to ride it out the hard way...bucket-o-fun.

Any activities for the bored, bedridden and chronically dizzy would be greatly appreciated as I can only watch The Goonies so many times in one day.


Kimberly said...

I have been playing "Bubble Town" on Facebook, lots of UNO there too~

I was playing UNO against someone from Indonesia, New Zealand, Queensland, India, Greece, and lots of Brits! I think that is very cool. Everyone chats, asking about the climate and traveling to the different countries.

Emma said...

already familiar with the uno on there far too's fun but also annoying when someone leaves mid game and you have to wait for the computer player to kick in..grrrr.

I also seem to be the person who others tend to 'burn'...a lot...but I've managed to come back from 16 cards before now so whoop whoop to me ;-)

I would read, since I have a whole bookshelf full, but the dizzy and the wordy are now a great mix...hopefully it's on the way out, this time yesterday I couldn't lift my head :-(

Jenn said...

Feel better Emma!!!

Firefly mom said...

Hmm, you are describing the first 4 months of my pregnancy :D But seriously, as someone who was seasick on a huge cruise ship, I feel for ya! And now knowing that you can't even get Hulu - I got nothing in the way of suggestions! Just get well soon.