Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My Photobucket Quiz

I'm borrowing this from another Blog out there (Hey Firefly mom if you're tuning in).

So the deal is:

1. Answer the following questions
2. Type the answer into Photo Bucket
3. Post a picture from the first page of results.

Simple here's mine

1. The age you will be on your next Birthday.....Twentynine.

2. A place you would like to travel.....Africa
3. A place you would like to live.....Australia

4. Your favourite place....The South Downs

5. Your favourite object.....Jesen Ackles (what....technically he is an object ;-) )

6. Your favourite food....Chocolate....preferrably smothered over my favourite object.

7. Favourite animal....Dolphins

8. Favourite Colour.....Azure

9. The town in Which you were born.....Bognor Regis, West Sussex (K so I was born in Chichester Hospital but I'm a Bognor girl by heart)

10. The town in which you live.....Worthing West Sussex

11. Name of a pet....Henry (my gorgeous cat whom I miss terribly)

12. A favourite celebrity....David Hewlett (how predictable am I....and can I say how utterly fabulous he looks in this particular picture...hehe)

13. Your name/nickname/screename.....Hmmm since Emma and ekidd79 came up with nothin' of any interest I used my other screename Spacehopper79

14. Favourite song....well depends on my mood but I'm quite partial to Rule the World, Take That at the moment (that and the fact that Gercha by Chas 'n' Dave, unsurprisingly, came up with no results)

15. Your middle name....The parentals never bothered with a middle name....apparently coming up with 'Emma' was taxing enough...though if I chose I'd go with.....Philadelphia

16. A bad habit of yours....snacking on junk food (I blame the pretty packaging and the cleverly appealing advertisements....;-) )

17. How do you feel about your life.....Hmmmmm....I'll go with frustrated (It would've been 'meh' but photobucket again let me down)

18. One word describe you....another hard one....Um....wordy is all I can think of (mainly coz I liked the picture which came up)

19. Favourite TV that's just mean, as there are many which I adore for lots of different reasons....I'm going with two shows, one British and one American and this is an 'as of this minute' kind of thing....Torchwood and Stargate: Atlantis.

20. Favourite Movie....jeez another toughie, yet again this usually depends on my mood, but The Goonies never gets old.

So that's me in photo bucket piccies.


Firefly mom said...

OK - chocolate *on* Jensen Ackles - BRILLIANT!! Wish I would have thought of that (then again, maybe not, as hubby reads my blog ;)

And Goonies - I so wanted to be a goonie when I was a kid! They filmed it in Astoria, Oregon (we lived in southern Oregon at the time) and I tried a desperate and fruitless campaign to get my parents to move us there so I could be a "real" goonie ;)

Emma said...

haha....brilliant, unfortunately the coastal town I come from doesn't allow for such exciting escapades...although this didn't stop me, and a partner in crime, crawling through a water overflow pipe at the beach when we were eight (ish) (in retrospect this wasn't a great idea...since the tide was coming in at the time, but we live and learn)

And as for Jensen Ackles...what's good enough for the Wraith Queen (aka Andee Frizzell) is good enough for me!