Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Shaken not Stirred

Crikey...I'm proper excited...I just felt my first earthquake....there I was, watching a bit of late night/early morning telly and then my bed moved sideways and the wall shook wasn't anything massive, nothing fell over, books didn't fly off shelves and to be honest had I still been in the flat in Southampton I wouldn't have thought much about it considering a stiff breeze used to have the same effect (amongst other activities from next door neighbours, which don't need to be explored at this juncture)....hell I only realised it was an actual honest to goodness earth rumbler when I moseyed on over to the BBC news website to check the morrows/todays weather....according to the report Lincolnshire was the epicenter with a 5.3 quake at around 1am...I think that's pretty big by the UK standards...and no doubt every car alarm within several miles woke the residents, that is of course if they slept through the quake could a person sleep through an earthquake I hear you ask, well I asked the same of certain people who slept through a certain 'non' hurricane 20 years know who you are ;-)

I and if you don't believe me here's said news report link:

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