Friday, November 16, 2007

You know what Doctor....You were MY Doctor

In the depths of the cheesiest excuse for entertainment which is Children in Need this evening I was treated to 8 minutes of pure genius from the pen of Steven Moffat. I am of course talking about the one off special Doctor Who: Time Crash which aired this evening.

Not only following on directly from the end of the previous series but incorporating a double helping of Doctor madness. The incorrigibly delightful David Tennant was joined by Peter Davison complete with Cricket jacket and accessorized vegetable on his lapel for 8 minutes of screen good in fact that I hopped straight over to the website to watch again to make sure I hadn't missed anything.....and basically bathe in every utterly brilliant second.

Fast paced and utterly ridiculous dialogue, with some special self aware moments from Mr. Tennant, since like myself Peter Davison was my Doctor, the pair avert the end of the universe via a paradoxical impossibility only manageable in the realm of the Who.

Best quotes include:

'Fair play to you, not many people can carry off a decorative vegetable'

'Hey I'm the Doctor. I can save the universe with a kettle and some string....and look at me I'm wearing a vegetable'

'End of the universe butter-fingers'

If you did miss it, and it's understandable since you would have had to sit through a couple of hours of mind numbing pseudo entertainment disguised as a fund raiser, I bring you the direct link.....all hail me:


ramberg said...

Pure Gold. Definitely Pure gold.
Clever oh so clever

In a wibbly wobbly time whimey sort of way.

I wished the at least mentioned where in the 5th doctor's timeline they were

ramberg said...

and dont forget the celery

Emma said...

Glad it was appreciated, occasionally the BBC manage to produce something worth the fees they insist on charging

Chloe said...

I watched it!

Emma said...


Chloe said...

What? Do you expect me to make an intelligent and incisive comment about it?

It was short.

Emma said...

Analyse damn you...It's what I'm used to...that's it I disown you and Alison is my new best friend and Doctor Who lover ;-)

Chloe said...

Poo to you then