Friday, May 18, 2007

Another Deadline Bites the Dust

Has been a busy week or so....deadline for my scriptwriting assignment. I'm always my toughest critic so I'll probably never be completely happy with what I wrote but it's finished and readable so that's good enough for now. If you're curious as to what the whole thing was about here's a summary:

A Tandem story exploring the dark, secretive and murderous world of smuggling along the South Coast in 1801. Flashing back events leading to the demise of the most notorious gang along 5 English Counties. Juxtaposed against a Londoner from the modern rat race immersed in a quest for his birthright in gold.

Richard Stern uncovers the clues left by his estranged Grandfather which takes him on an historical journey through Sussex and enlightens him on his elusive and unfortunate heritage.

This mystery adventure culminates in a dramatic finale where past and present collide and Richard’s future is sealed.

What I really hate is the self reflective analysis that your have to write...why you wrote the story you did, the process, influences (The Goonies....well duh), whether is all went accordingly, what you would change....blah, blah, blah. Right load of old tosh, completely annoying to write and generally I just put in a right load of waffle...but the type of waffle that the lecturers seem to would be so much easier if I could just write.....I like stuff so I wrote about it....simple.

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